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‘Smokey 66’ Dessert Recipe

We’ve teamed up with Ilaria Marzullo, a fantastically talented Pastry Chef from Italy with 10 years of experience, to bring you something sensational! 

Ilaria initially approached us with an interest in developing a dessert recipe using a chocolate bar from our Single Origin range. Impressed by her wealth of experience and industry expertise, we jumped at the chance of working together! (Her portfolio and back catalogue is outstanding. See for yourself! Check out her website at or social media pages: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

So, we sent her the full Single Origin Set to try as each bar has a unique, distinctive flavour that defines the cocoa grown in that region. Cocoa is very much like Wine or Whiskey in the way that where it’s grown completely effects the taste of the chocolate. It’s down to several factors: climate, soil, environment etc. The term “Single Origin” means that the cocoa has been harvested from one particular region rather than a blend of beans. This allows nuanced, delicate notes to shine through. After experimenting with a thorough taste test, she decided to select the 66% Brazilian Dark Chocolate due to it’s naturally deep and smokey notes and hints of tropical fruit…

She says, “tasting the single-origin Brazil chocolate you will find, powerful cocoa chords and bitter notes. It is like a wave of fresh, fruity and acidic flavours that remain for minutes. This dessert revolved around the same single-origin chocolate bar but with 3 different textures – a soft and chewy chocolate brownie shortbread, a creamy and rich chocolate crémeux and a crunchy chocolate meringue. Everything enhanced by the flavour of scotch whiskey and raisins.”


Click here to view the recipe PDF and create it at home to impress that special someone. #SayItWithCocoaAmore


Click here to buy your own 66% Brazil Bars. Or if you fancy feeling adventurous and exploring the whole range, view our Single Origin Set.

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